How to log your value bets

Benefits of logging your value bets

Logging your bets is recommended for all users.

Note that this is for ValueBetting. If you’re interested in logging of sports arbitrages from RebelBetting, it will be implemented in a later release.

  • Display your betting history, results and profits over time.
  • You will always know where your money is.
  • You can find patterns and improve your strategies.
  • When value betting you will be aware of downswings and estimated value over time.

Log your bets in 20 seconds

In our ValueBetting product we have a feature that makes it simple to log your bets. It’s still in beta, but works well.

In the betting browser, after you have placed your bet, click “Confirm placed bet”. A verification form will show.


Here you can modify the odds and your stake, if they changed during bet placement.

When you click Ok the bet information is copied to your clipboard. You can then switch to the Excel log book and paste the bet information into a new row. Download the ValueBetting Excel log.

Just place the cursor on the first column (Date), on the first blank row, and press Ctrl+V.

Get the log book (Excel)

Download the ValueBetting Excel log


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