As long as the bookmakers compete against each other to get customers and are not in complete agreement of odds, there will always be sports arbitrage (or ‘sure betting‘) opportunities. Here’s why:

There are a lot of online sportsbooks. And a lot of bookmakers means a lot of competition over the customers. Sportsbooks use high odds to attract customers. And since odds are basically their estimation (+ their risk management), it’s basically a calculated guess. And bookmakers will not always agree with their competitors guesses.

This is why sports arbitrage works so well. By betting on two (or more) sufficiently high odds on different sportsbooks, you can cover all outcomes of a match and be guaranteed to win. As a RebelBetting user, you can take advantage of this situation and change the game to your advantage.

Sports arbitrages compared to financial arbitrages

Surebets differ in one crucial way compared to arbitrages in the financial markets. If you purchase gold on one exchange and then sell it in another, the price will be nearly identical. Financial arbitrages very rarely appear, and when they do they are immediately taken advantage of and disappear. The market always strives to be in perfect balance. This is not true for sports arbitrage.

If you think of the bookmakers as the markets, the odds can be seen as the price on a specific product. However, the odds/price is not reliant on supply and demand like in the stock market. It’s more a combination of the bookmakers estimation, risk management and market positioning (having attractive odds, a higher margin and possibly more risk). This is why odds are rarely identical across all bookmakers, and why thousands of sports arbitrages exist at any given moment.

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