Is there a free trial?


Get a free trial for 14 days to see how ValueBetting works. You’ll also get access to the BetTracker with the automatic bet settlement add-on! During this time you can place a limited number of bets. 

To get access to all value bets you should subscribe to the full version of ValueBetting. Then you get instant access to all features and all higher value bets as well.  Subscribe to ValueBetting here

  • The free version shows a limited number of value bets up to 5%.
  • You will access all bookmakers except for the sharp ones (like betting exchanges and brokers).
  • Log up to 50 bets in the free version.

    Make sure to subscribe to unlock the most valuable bets!


At the moment there is no free version of RebelBetting. 

RebelBetting Pro
The Pro-version is unlocked by subscribing and gives you access to all sure bets. It can be purchased as a weekly subscription for only €39. This is a great way to try the full version for a low cost. Subscribe here

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