Is there a free trial?


When you download RebelBetting and create an account, the software will run in a limited free-mode version. This is a great way to try the software for no cost at all. Download, install and create a RebelBetting account here. All arbs, and arbs over 0.6%, Middles and Cross Market arbs are unlocked by subscribing to the Pro version.  A complete comparison of the free and Pro version can be seen here.

RebelBetting Pro
The Pro-version is unlocked by subscribing, and gives you access to all arbs. It can be purchased as a weekly subscription for only €39. This is a great way to try the full version for a low cost. Subscribe here


Try the free demo for 14 days to see how ValueBetting works. You can buy ValueBetting for as low as 69 Euro per month and get access to all features and all higher value bets. You’ll also get access to the BetTracker with the automatic bet settlement add-on!  Subscribe to ValueBetting here