For limits on Betfair, Betdaq, Matchbook and Smarkets there is an option available to filter arbs with low amounts (market depth) available. Since the actual amount which could be interesting differs a lot depending of the size of the odds, we decided to take a different approach than just letting the user set a minimum available amount ($20 could be interesting if the odds is 25, but maybe not if the odds is 1.5). We selected to let the user set the minimum possible profit that can be made from the arb as a filter criteria.

The Betfair, Betdaq and Smarkets -profit option is the arb profit, not the profit of the bet at Betfair/Betdaq/Smarkets. So if you set the ‘Betfair profit’ to $2, you will only see arbs with enough market depth at Betfair which enables you to get a minimum profit of $2.

This filter setting is found under Options -> Arbitrages.