As you might know, a middle is a potentially very profitable situation where you stand the
chance of winning both your bets. When the match ends and the score “hits the middle”, it’s not uncommon
to make a 50% profit. Sometimes, a 100% profit is possible!

RebelBetting 3.3 introduces negative middles

Betting on a 0% arb that is also a middle will always be profitable. But clever players have also figured out that even negative middles can be profitable in the long run. For example, you might lose 1% of your stake most times, but when your full-point middle hit, you will win 100% back.

Today we’ve released RebelBetting 3.3 that introduces negative middles. Try it out today!

More benefits of negative middles

Despite its rather alarming name, negative middles have benefits compared to regular middles. As they middles aren’t obvious in an arb situation, they usually stick around longer than ordinary middles and arbs. This means more time for you to bet on them, and less risk that the bookmakers will limit you.

Also, it’s more common that negative middles have a larger point/score interval making it more likely that you will hit your middle. Read more about negative middles here.

How to set your negative middle filter in RebelBetting

You can tell RebelBetting which middles you are interested in under Options – Arbitrages. Use the slider to specify the percentage of your choice.

More filter settings will be available in our future releases!

A preview of our next release (coming soon)

In our next release, you will be enjoying our new calculator located in the Arb Details panel. Soon you will be able to change the odds, stake and rounding in an arb without the need to open up the Betting Browser! Here’s a sneak peak of what it’s going to look like:

Until next time, happy arbing!

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