Baseball & Sports Arbitrage = Profit!Recently, baseball has been added to the list of supported sports in RebelBetting. The baseball season is pretty intense because of the large number of games that the teams are playing, so expect to see some baseball arbs!

Baseball rules

As some of you might know, the different bookmaker rules on Baseball has kept a few from betting on the sport, in fear of getting the rules mixed up. Our solution to this? We only show safe baseball arbs between bookmakers that has the same rules!

Some food for thought

The Highest North American league, Major League Baseball (MLB), plays around 160 games per season. Compare that to for instance the Premier League soccer season, where they play 38 matches per season. And besides the North American leagues, we also gather odds and present arbs from other countries such as Germany, Japan, Italy and Korea to name a few.

RebelBetting tip

Did you know that you can change the way the Betting Browser maximizes a browser window? By ticking the “Low screen resolution mode” (Options – Application), RebelBetting will expand the browser windows FULLY. (Use the F1-F4 buttons on your keyboard to maximize/restore the browsers.)