Introducing RebelBetting Lite

If you are new to arbitrage betting, have a bankroll of less than €1500 or just aren’t ready to go Pro yet, then you should try RebelBetting Lite.

Lite is an affordable and user-friendly surebet software well suited for newcomers.

It shows arbs that have existed for 30 minutes or more – which means that these arbs are stable. Note that this is not the same thing as a 30 minute delay, which would be worthless in this business. The arbs shown in Lite have existed for 30 minutes or more and still exists. Also, there is no arb percentage cap, meaning you will get full access to all higher arbs as well!

Better still, you can expect to make 10-20% profit per month!

Benefits of RebelBetting Lite:

  • Quick and easy betting process with unique Autosurf technology
  • Full Arbitrage Boot Camp e-book to help you get started 
  •  Access to stable arbs that have existed for 30 min or more
  •  Fully customizable Alerts
  •  Integrated automatic Arb Calculator
  • The product to use if your total amount to invest is lower than around €1500

If you want access to all arbs, including real-time arbs, middles and cross-market arbs you should upgrade to the Pro version of RebelBetting. The Pro version also includes a high limit bet broker, Betting exchanges and supports horse racing, which the Lite version does not.

Go ahead and try it yourself! Sign up to RebelBetting Lite now for only 59 Euro/month or see all our different subscription plans.

If you don’t know what subscription to choose, just contact us. We are happy to help you!