A new version of RebelBetting is just released – now with horse racing! This means a lot more arbs for you to bet on, especially now during the summer when many other sports have summer breaks.

So far, these bookmakers and exchanges support horse racing:

Added June 21:

Added August 10:


… we’ll add even more. Stay tuned for future updates!

To benefit from horse racing you’ll need to do Lay betting. This means you’ll have to use an exchange as well as your regular bookmakers when you’re arbing. Example of betting exchanges is Betfair, Matchbook, Smarkets, and Betdaq.

Matchbook 0% commission on horse racing in June

Matchbook lets you bet commission free on horse racing every  Sunday, Monday and Tuesday until 30th June 2017. Make sure you don’t miss this opportunity to earn money on horse racing. Why not subscribe to RebelBetting today and try it yourself?