What is ‘Asian handicap,’ and how can it change your betting game? Simply put, Asian Handicap betting removes the possibility of a tie by assigning handicaps that level the competition. This brief introduction will directly walk you through the essentials of Asian Handicaps explained, setting you up to delve deeper into its strategic applications in the following sections.

Key Takeaways

  • Asian Handicap betting is a format that eliminates the possibility of a draw in football matches, assigning goal handicaps to balance the chances of winning between teams with different skill levels.
  • The betting style includes whole number, half-goal, and quarter-goal lines, which can lead to void bets, definitive outcomes, or split stakes, adding complexity and variety to betting strategies.
  • Asian Handicap betting differs from European Handicap by offering just two outcomes (win or loss), and can provide benefits such as the potential for stakes being returned (‘push’), better odds, and reduced risk compared to standard moneyline wagers.

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Visual representation of Asian Handicap concept

Asian Handicap

The term ‘handicap’ in Asian Handicap betting implies a symbolic head start given to one team over the other, thus effectively negating the chance of a draw. This popular betting format is predominantly used in football betting sites, offering a unique and captivating betting experience.

The Basics of Asian Handicap Betting

Asian Handicap betting, primarily used in football, is a distinctive format that eradicates the draw outcome, yielding two potential results as opposed to the usual three. This innovative form of betting balances the chances of winning between teams through the application of goal handicaps. Asian handicap (AH) gives the less favoured team an initial ‘head start,’ facilitating a more balanced set of betting outcomes.

Illustration of a football match with Asian Handicap betting

The favoured team receives a minus symbol handicap, indicating their disadvantage, while the underdog gets a plus symbol, signifying their advantage.

Asian Handicap betting, differing from conventional formats, trims down the potential outcomes from three to two by removing the draw result. Thus, bettors might opt for Asian Handicap betting to get a better return on a team expected to win more comfortably than the odds suggest.

Eliminating the Draw

Eliminating the Draw with half a goal concept

The removal of the draw outcome is a key characteristic of Asian Handicap betting. Half-goal Asian handicaps such as over 0.5 ensure that there can only be a win or loss for that bet, thereby eliminating the draw. This unique feature reduces the standard three-outcome scenario in football matches to two outcomes, removing the draw as a possible result for bettors.

Moreover, when a whole number of Asian handicaps are applied and the match result equals the handicap line, the draw is again eliminated. Instead of a loss, this results in a refund of the bettor’s stake, adding another layer of security to your bet.

Leveling the Playing Field

Beyond just eliminating the draw, Asian Handicap betting also aims to create an equitable playing field. Handicaps in Asian Handicap betting are designed to balance the chances of winning between teams, which typically have varied levels of skill and success, by assigning a disadvantage or advantage to each team.

Levelling the Playing Field

For instance, a 0.5 handicap gives the underdog team a half-goal head start, effectively levelling the playing field by providing an advantage before the match begins. So, betting on Porto to win outright is essentially the same as placing a bet on Porto with a -0.5 Asian Handicap, highlighting the direct relationship between traditional and Asian Handicap betting outcomes.

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Illustration of different types of Asian Handicap lines, make sure your bet wins

Understanding Asian Handicap Lines

Asian Handicap lines introduce additional complexity and intrigue into the betting game. These lines adjust team advantage and can include whole numbers, half-goal numbers, or quarter numbers, providing a plethora of betting options for the savvy bettor.

Whole Number Lines

In whole number Asian handicap betting, if a match concludes in a draw with the handicap applied, the bet becomes void. As a result, the stake is returned to the bettor. This feature offers a cushion for bettors, reducing the risk of losing their entire stake.

For instance, consider you’re betting on Chelsea with a -1 Asian handicap against Southampton. In this case, this will happen to your bet:

  • Chelsea wins by two or more goals
  • Chelsea wins by exactly one goal (your stake is returned)
  • The match ends in a draw or Southampton wins (the bet is lost)

This provides a safety net for bettors, offering both better odds and reduced risk with the possibility of a void bet.

Whole Number Lines

Half-Goal Lines

Half-goal lines introduce further intricacy into Asian Handicap betting. Teams are handicapped by increments of 0.5 goals, which eliminates the possibility of a draw, ensuring there is always a definitive betting outcome. With the score half in mind, this unique approach to Asian Handicap betting offers bettors a more engaging experience.

Half-Goal Lines

For instance, with a -1.5 Asian handicap, the favoured team must win by at least two goals for the bet to be successful. Conversely, a bet on a +1.5 Asian handicap is won if the underdog either wins, draws, or loses by no more than one goal. So, a bet on Arsenal with a +0.5 handicap against Manchester City pays out if Arsenal wins or draws, and a -1.5 handicap bet on Liverpool versus Leicester City requires Liverpool to win by two goals.

Quarter-Goal Lines

Quarter-goal lines amp up the complexity level in Asian Handicap betting. In this case, the game starts with a quarter-goal disadvantage or advantage, depending on the team you bet on.

For example, with a (+0.5/+1) Asian Handicap, your stake is divided equally over two handicaps, offering a balance of risks and rewards for your bet. To win a bet on a team with a -0.75 Asian handicap, that team needs to win by a margin of two goals or more. This means it is possible to have partial wins or losses, providing more nuanced outcomes for bettors than full-goal handicaps.

Quarter-Goal Lines, the possibility to win half of your stake or lose half your stake

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Asian vs European Handicap Betting

Comparing Asian and European Handicap Betting

It’s crucial to grasp the differences between Asian Handicap and European Handicap betting, even while acknowledging the exciting possibilities that Asian Handicap betting presents. European handicap betting is a three-way market offering three possible results, including the draw. In contrast, Asian Handicap betting reduces the possible outcomes to two by eliminating the draw.

The presence of a draw outcome in European handicap betting can lead to different strategic considerations for bettors compared to the two-outcome Asian Handicap format. The choice between these two formats ultimately depends on the bettor’s preference and risk tolerance.

Benefits of Betting with Asian Handicaps

Both novice and experienced bettors can reap a multitude of benefits from Asian Handicap betting. One such advantage is the concept of a ‘push’, where bets may be returned to the bettor if the match outcome aligns exactly with the handicap line. This unique feature adds an extra layer of security to your bet.

Additionally, when there is a noticeable imbalance in team performance, Asian handicap betting offers alternative betting opportunities that are not available with standard moneyline wagers. Whole number Asian handicap lines provide a cushion for bettors as stakes are returned in case the match outcome matches the line. This offers both better odds and reduced risk in the Asian handicap market.

Benefits of Betting with Asian Handicaps

Moreover, the inclusion of ‘half’ and ‘quarter’ lines in Asian handicap betting enhances the betting experience by allowing for outcomes where bets can win even when the selected team does not.

Popular Bookmakers for Asian Handicap Betting

Identifying the right place for your bets is a vital component of successful betting. Several popular bookmakers offer Asian Handicap betting markets, each with their unique features.


Unibet is another popular online betting platform that offers both European handicap markets and Asian handicap markets. The handicap markets are easily accessible in a dedicated tab when viewing the details of a specific match on Unibet, making it user-friendly and convenient for bettors.


BetVictor is well-known for its exclusive offering of Asian handicap betting markets. It is known for providing some of the best odds in Asian Handicap betting, making it a favourite among many bettors. Moreover, BetVictor offers a wide variety of Asian goal line markets, further expanding your betting options.


Bet365 is a renowned online betting platform that offers:

  • An impressive range of Asian Handicap lines
  • Competitive odds
  • Extensive coverage of football leagues and games
  • Numerous Asian Handicap betting options
  • Alternative Asian Handicap markets including Asian total cards and Asian total corners

These features enhance the betting possibilities for bettors.

Tips for Successful Asian Handicap Betting

A profound comprehension of teams’ winning margins in specific leagues can greatly bolster your Asian Handicap betting strategy, leading to success. Team news, like player injuries, can significantly alter the value of Asian Handicap bets and should be considered before placing a bet.

Tips for Success

A team’s motivation, such as fighting for relegation or having met season objectives, can affect match outcomes and should influence Asian Handicap betting approaches. Moreover, knowing the average times at which teams score can guide bettors on how game psychology would affect scoring and the eventual result, informing Asian Handicap strategies.

Other essential factors in Asian Handicap betting include fixture congestion, historical performance at certain venues, and against particular opponents. Ultimately, success in Asian Handicap betting requires careful research and consideration of assorted factors, applicable for both professional and casual bettors.

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Real-World Examples of Asian Handicap Betting

Let’s delve into a few real-world examples to elucidate the practical application of Asian Handicap betting. Suppose you place a -0.25 Asian handicap bet on your favourite team. In this case, your bet will win if the team wins, and if the match ends in a draw, half the stake is returned to you.

On the other hand, if you bet on an underdog with a +0.25 Asian handicap, you will secure a winning bet if the underdog team wins or if the game ends in a draw. In the latter case, you retain the half stake and win the other half at the odds placed.

These examples show how Asian Handicap betting can offer more nuanced and exciting outcomes than traditional betting.

Dive into the world of Asian Handicap betting, bet on asian handicap


In conclusion, Asian Handicap betting is a fascinating and innovative betting format that offers a host of benefits for both novice and experienced bettors. It eliminates the draw outcome, provides better odds, reduces risk, and allows for more nuanced betting outcomes. With a deep understanding of this betting format and a well-crafted betting strategy, you can turn Asian Handicap betting into a profitable venture. So, why wait? Dive into the world of Asian Handicap betting and experience the thrill of betting like never before!

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Frequently Asked Questions – Asian Handicap Explained

In Asian handicaps, the team that scores the most with the handicap applied wins. For instance, if you back a team with a -1.5 handicap, they must win by 2 or more goals for your bet to succeed.

How does Asian handicap work? Key takeaways

Asian Handicap betting is a popular format in football betting that eliminates the possibility of a draw and offers two possible outcomes instead of three. It is commonly used on betting sites.

What is asian handicap betting?

Asian Handicap lines can include whole numbers, half-goal numbers, or quarter numbers, such as 0.0, 0.5, -1.0, 0.25, 0.75, and -1.5.

quarter lines make it possible to win half your bet

The main difference between the Asian Handicap and the European Handicap is that the European Handicap includes the possibility of a draw outcome, offering three possible results instead of two. This makes European Handicap more challenging but provides additional betting opportunities.

Asian handicap vs European handicap

Frequently Asked Questions - asian handicap explained