RebelBetting now 3 times faster

As you know, SPEED is one of the most important factors for successful arbitrage trading. This includes the time it takes for you to place the bets, but even more…

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1 July 2015

Win a $20k WSOP package with Skrill

One lucky winner will win an exclusive VIP package, including a $10k buy in to the WSOP Main Event…

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26 May 2015

Winter Sale

Check out our Winter Sale that just started! You get huge discounts on…

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11 December 2014

Back to school

The world’s best sports arbitrage education just launched Do you want to get started with sports arbitrage as quickly and efficiently as possible? If so, consider signing up for the…

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14 October 2014

50% larger arbs on Betfair – Sign up this weekend

Note that this promotion has expired Lower Betfair commission for RebelBetting users In an exclusive and unique partnership with Betfair all RebelBetting customers will get a 40% discount on the…

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5 August 2014