Exclusive Online Seminar Series

Two more bookmakers added A new version of RebelBetting is released with two new bookmakers! Panbet Marathonbet – You can see the max-stake before you place your bet. – AutoLogin…

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3 November 2011

Bonus hunting improvements

A new version of RebelBetting is released making it easier to get bookmaker bonuses and filter out the arbs you’re interested in. Quick filters We have placed some of the…

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27 September 2011

Get started with sports arbitrage

Some of you are still pretty new to sports arbitrage, and haven’t had the time to really get started. Here’s the easiest path to get started making your first arbitrage…

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22 June 2011

Sports Arbitrage Video

A small video explaining the basics of sports arbitrage and RebelBetting.

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23 May 2011

What’s new in RebelBetting 4

May 10, we released RebelBetting 4. These are the new features! New Cross Market Engine We have completely re-written the code that we use for discovering and calculating arb opportunities.…

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12 May 2011