Value betting

Over a decade ago, RebelBetting revolutionized sports arbitrage.
Now it’s time for value betting.

Over a decade ago, RebelBetting revolutionized sports arbitrage. Now it’s time for value betting.

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The technology

The product is based on the RebelBetting software, with over a decade of development behind it. So you get all the features you’re used to:

  • Place a bet and log it in 20 seconds, using the AutoLogin and AutoSurf.

  • A never-ending stream of value bets provided by the 90+ bookmakers and millions of odds updated in real time.

Value betting

Value betting is about betting on overpriced odds. 

Some bookmakers are very good at determining odds that reflects the actual probability of an outcome to happen. By evaluating the “sharp” bookmakers odds, taking betting bias and market efficiency into account, our servers can determine what the true odds are for any given match. This means that we also know when other bookmakers odds are off and where a positive expected value occurs. When using the ValueBetting service you get a continuously updated list of value bets and all you have to do is place the bets.

Maximize profits with value betting

Value betting is a well-known strategy both in sports betting and statistics. There is nothing special or controversial with the algorithm, it’s just the difference between probabilities.

But to achieve a really profitable result you need to:

  • Have a robust and well-tested method of applying the value betting algorithm

  • Have a good selection method for filtering value bets based on odds, value, and confidence in the true odds

  • Have several proven profitable sources for your probabilities (“true odds”)

  • Calculate the true odds by taking betting bias and market efficiency into account

  • Have a strict and proven staking strategy to reduce variance

The ValueBetting service helps you with all this!

Get started today

Start profiting on value bets today!

Value betting Pro

179/ month
  • Maximize your profit
  • The most profitable value bets
  • Exchanges, sharps & brokers

Value betting Starter

89/ month
  • Great when starting out
  • Average ROI 30% / month

Yes. You can cancel your future payment at any time, while still continue using the service until the expiration date.

You are always covered by our Profit Guarantee. If you don’t make a profit the first month, you get another month for free – again and again until you profit!