Sure betting in Italy

RebelBetting is one of the most popular arbitrage services in Italy. If you’re an italian citizen, don’t hesitate to start making money from sure betting (or arbitraggio sulle scommesse as you say in Italy)!

It is a method that effectively turns gambling into a way of investing your money. By covering all the outcomes of a match you’ll make a profit no matter which team wins.

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The concept of arbitrage trading in itself is legal all over the world, as long as online betting is allowed. With arbitrage betting all you are doing is placing bets with different bookmakers whose odds happen to guarantee a profit overall.


Can I do sure betting in Italy?

The Italian gambling market has been regulated since 2006 and the laws regarding online betting in Italy will affect the bookmakers you’re allowed to register on. As long as you can register with some bookmakers that are supported in RebelBetting, then you can profit from sure betting. 

Bookmakers who operate in Italy will need a gambling license (AAMS) and have to fulfill certain requirements to be able to offer their services in Italy. 

If the bookmaker you use has an Italian domain, it means that they are licensed in Italy. The RebelBetting software offers you to use the Italian domain site (.it) for many of the supported bookmakers in RebelBetting. To select the Italian domain, go to Options/bookmaker setup in the software and select the Italian domain (see image below). 

Can I access bookmakers that haven’t got AAMS license?

If you cannot access as many bookmakers you would want, you may consider using a bet broker (also known as an agent). By using a bet broker you can access other bookmakers odds and bet via the betting broker. A bet broker will simply place the bets at your behalf on the bookmakers that you cannot access otherwise. Learn more about bet brokers.

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You can get a trial week of RebelBetting Pro for only 39 Euro. This is a great way for a beginner to try arbitrage betting at a low cost. But the longer the subscription the better price!

1 Week

39/ first week
  • Paid now: €39

1 Month

129/ month
  • Paid now: €129

1 Year

64/ month
  • Paid now: €774

Software requirements: All RebelBetting software products are Windows based (Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10 supported) but can also be run on Mac.

Web version requirements: The ValueBetting web version is platform independent and supports all major browsers and mobile phones.

  • Web browser support: Chrome v73, Safari v11, Firefox v66, Microsoft Edge v18, Opera v46
  • Mobile support: Samsung Galaxy S4 or newer (Chrome preferred), Google Pixel, Nexus 5 (Firefox), Nexus 6 (Chrome or Firefox), any Android with Chrome v73, If you have an iPhone: iOS 10 or newer (iPhone 6+) with either Safari or Chrome, If you run OS X: Mavericks with Chrome or Safari with High Sierra, Windows Phone currently untested – let us know

Yes, you can stop your subscription at any time. By doing so, your recurring subscription will be closed and you will not be billed after your initial period.

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