Free and Pro version comparison

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Free and Pro version comparison The Free version is intended to learn sports arbitrage before going forward with a Pro subscription. The number of arbs available in the free version is heavily limited, the majority of arbs are exclusive to our paying customers. Pro version High ROI arbs (no limit) Realtime Arbs Customizable Alerts Integrated

How do I calculate the stakes in the arbitrage?

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How do I calculate the stakes in the arbitrage? You don't have to! The integrated calculator of RebelBetting automatically calculates the bet size at every bookmaker depending on: what the odds are what type of arbitrage it is, and your total stake of the arbitrage   You can also enter a fixed stake at any

What sports are supported?

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What sports are supported? We are always working on supporting new sports, so stay tuned as this list will expand over time. Please note that we cover all leagues and events in the sports below. That means that we cover hundreds of leagues in these sports. The following sports are currently supported in RebelBetting: Tennis

Can I filter out low market depth at Exchanges?

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Low market depth at Exchanges For limits on Betfair, Betdaq, Matchbook and Smarkets there is an option available to filter arbs with low amounts (market depth) available. Since the actual amount which could be interesting differs a lot depending of the size of the odds, we decided to take a different approach than just letting

How does RebelBetting work?

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How does RebelBetting work? Sure betting turns gambling into a solid investment method. When sure betting (arbitrage betting) you cover all the outcomes in a game and make a profit no matter the outcome of the game. The RebelBetting software gather and calculates all the bookmakers odds data and sends out surebet situations to the installed