What is the difference between the different bookmaker bonuses?

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Bookmaker bonuses explained Free Bet, Matched Bet, Deposit Bonus, Signup Bonus A free bet is for example if you get €25 to bet with at a bookmaker. If you place the full amount on a match with odds 1.5, you will win €37.50. But the bookmaker will only pay out your winnings (€12.50). This is

Same bookie notice

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Same bookie notice The SameBookie notice is displayed when selecting an arb where two or more outcomes in an arb is on the same bookmaker. It is not recommended to place two bets on the same match on the same bookmaker, as this might flag you as a sharp bettor or arber in the bookmakers

Arb Age

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Arb Age The arb "age" (located in the Arb Details panel) indicates when our servers first found the arb. Why does a new arb have an old arb age? Arb age is set in our database when we first discover the arb. In RebelBetting, when an arb shows up as new, it does not mean


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Reliability The reliability of an arb in RebelBetting is calculated with several different variables. Among these variables are for example: The percentage of the arb (unusually high arbs decrease the reliability) Last bet date (if last bet date differs to much, the reliability goes down) How well the participants name match each other   The

Reversed Participants

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Reversed Participants The Reversed Participants notice is just to let you know that the order of the participants might not be the same on both bookmakers. For instance, on SBObet it might be: Korea - Spain And on 188bet it might be: Spain - Korea This could happen for instance if a match is played