A detailed explanation of all the various bet types (markets) offered by the bookmakers.

Inverted Middle

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Inverted Middle Also known as a "Polish Middle", an inverted middle is very risky to bet on. If the "middle" in an inverted middle occurs, you could lose both your bets, hence causing severe damage to your bankroll. An inverted middle occurs when the '-' side is bigger than the '+' side (for handicap bets).

Negative Middle

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Negative Middle As you might know, regular middles are positive arbs with a middle. For instance, you could bet on an American Football middle: Tennessee (-7) @ 1.91 Pittsburgh (7.5) @ 2.14 If the middle doesn't hit, you will make your regular arb percentage (0.92% in the example above). If the middle does hit (Tennessee

What markets are supported?

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What markets are supported? The following markets (bet types) are currently supported in RebelBetting: Standard markets 2-way (also known as Win, MoneyLine, PuckLine or Draw no bet) 3-way (also known as 1X2) Asian Handicap (where one team is given a handicap) European Handicap (also known as 3-way handicap or 1X2 handicap) Over/Under (bet if the

Cross Market Arb

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Cross Market Arb Cross market arbs are a mix of two or more different markets. There are many possible combinations which can result in an arbitrage. The examples below illustrate two basic combinations and how to calculate the results. Example 1 A regular threeway (1X2) arbitrage, but replacing the bet on the home team with

Lay Bet

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Lay Bet An important part of Sports Arbitrage betting is understanding how lay bets work. The difference of a regular bet (also known as a back bet) and a lay bet, is that on a back bet you bet on a team/player to win. If you were to place a lay bet on the same