Update 2013-03-12:

As you’ve seen Yobetit business packages no longer includes RebelBetting subscriptions. We have made the decision to stop all dealing with them with immediate effect. Unfortunately for legal reasons I cannot go into details just yet, but at this moment we don’t recommend anyone investing in their business or subscribing to their service.

This involves us losing trust in their business. We still don’t know anything more about the bookmaker service, but the lack of a beta, several short-notice delays and a complete lack of information are of course bad signs.

We’ve been careful to always mention the risks of investing in all our communication. Quote from our FAQ:

“it’s still important to understand they will launch a brand new type of product that has never been tried before. This in itself is risky, and many new businesses fail. There is no way to know if their product will work as well as we hope until they launch.”

Despite this, we fully understand that some people might lose confidence in RebelBetting because of this sudden change, and trust me we will work very hard to regain that trust.

Sorry I can’t go into more details more at this moment. More will come.