Why does RebelBetting fail to start?

An error message if RebelBetting fails to startIn rare occasions the user configuration file will be corrupt and this will prevent RebelBetting from starting. You will be faced with an error message similar to the image shown to the right. Since user configuration files are not deleted when you uninstall an application, the corrupt settings file will not be affected and a reinstall of RebelBetting will not help.

The solution to the problem is to locate the corrupt file and delete it. A restart of RebelBetting will succeed and a new settings file will be created. One of two possible situations will then occur when restarting RebelBetting:

  • If a previous version of RebelBetting was used on the computer, the user configuration file from the latest prior version will be used as a base for the new file. Most likely, almost all of your settings will be the same since the information in the old file could be reused.
  • If no previous version of RebelBetting was used on the computer, a complete fresh file is created with all the settings set to default.

In any of the two cases above, it’s very important to check all the settings when RebelBetting has started to make sure that they are set correctly.

To delete the corrupt configuration file, perform the steps below:

  • In the error message, locate the section where a reference to the corrupt file is stated (row 4 in the screen shot below). In this example the full path to the folder where the file is located is ‘C:\Users\Lars\AppData\Local\ClaroBet\RebelBetting.exe_StrongName_1rvhrtgisfxotg0j0sv44w5awg0wqvq2\’. Important! (The actual path will not be the same on your system.)
  • Go to this location in explorer. Note: if you have enabled to hide hidden files and folders in explorer, AppData will not be visible for you. Either enable to show hidden files and folders in explorer and browse, or in your start menu type: ‘C:\Users\Lars\AppData\Local\ClaroBet’ in your search field (Win 7/Vista) or run field (XP).
  • When you have reached the folder found in 1, delete the file user.config.
  • Start RebelBetting