Arb Age

The arb “age” (located in the Arb Details panel) indicates when our servers first found the arb.
Arb Age Explained

Why does a new arb have an old arb age?

Arb age is set in our database when we first discover the arb. In RebelBetting, when an arb shows up as new, it does not mean it’s the first time our servers located the arb.

This means arbs can come and go for you depending on your bookmakers and limits.

For example:

  • You limit to only display arbs above 1%
  • We find an 0.9% arb and arb age is set, but it’s not visible to you
  • Later this arb increases to 1.1%
  • It will then show to you as a “new arb” but with an old arb age

Why do I never get an arb with low arb age?

1. You have the wrong time zone entered in RebelBetting, this can be changed in Options/User.

2. Your Windows clock is not synchronized. If your computer clock is ahead by 10 minutes, all arbs will have the “age” of +10 minutes. One way to be as synchronized as possible to our servers, is to automatically synchronize your computer time with an Internet time server. Read more about time synchronization with a Google search.