Note that the Windows software of Sure- and value betting has been discontinued. Use the platform independent web version of Sure betting and Value betting instead.

Benefits with the web version

  • Can be used on mobile, tablet or desktop
  • All major browsers are supported
  • Log your bets with one click with the BetTracker

If you’re already a subscriber, you can log in to the web versions via the website top menu. Use your existing log in details.

The information below this box is probably outdated, but kept for reference.

Low screen resolution

While we recommend running RebelBetting in a large screen resolution (at least a width of 1400 pixels), we understand that sometimes this is not possible.

Here are some tips for running RebelBetting in low resolutions:

  • If you want to surf the bookmaker sites in “full screen mode” (enabled by default for low resolutions), enable this option. Click Options, select Application, click “Low resolution mode”.

  • When AutoSurfing, use the keys F1 to F3 to toggle full screen mode for a bookmaker. Press F4 to return to normal view.
  • Sometimes important information or forms on the bookmaker sites is hidden too far too the right. This can sometimes be helped by using the scrollbars, but sometimes they don’t work or scroll the wrong part of the page. A workaround is to click on the area you need to scroll, and pressing right arrow.
  • If possible, the best solution is to increase your screen resolution. (If you are running a low resolution just because text is too small, increase text size in Windows!) This lets you have large text, and a large screen resolution.