Logged in from another computer message

When logging in or getting arbs, our system checks the location from where the request was made. It is allowed for a user to change IP and continue to make requests (get arbs). However, it’s not allowed to go back to an IP which was used previously within the last hour. This is to prevent multiple users on the same RebelBetting account.

Example: If you log in at home in the morning and place some arbs, log out and then go to work and log in to RebelBetting, it works perfectly. But, you can’t go back home again (and login to RebelBetting) within an hour from when you left home the first time. Not many people have work days which are shorter than 1 hour though…

The following message will appear if the above conditions are not met:

You have logged in at another computer, RebelBetting has paused.
You can login from this location again after an hour.

This could also happen if you have a DHCP connection, if you are using mobile broadband or if you are behind a proxy (in other words, if your IP address is changing while logged in to RebelBetting).