How do I log a three way arb with one or more lay bets?

The log book contains two tabs for logging your arbs. One for back bets with two or three outcomes, and one for lay bets with one back bet and one lay bet. Since the release of the log book, RebelBetting now contains arbs with three outcomes where one or more outcomes can be a lay bet. This is unfortunately not supported directly in the log book. Here is a tip on how to log it.

The easiest way to log 3-way lay bets right now (before we will re-design the spreadsheet) is to convert the lay odds to a back odds. Please see the screenshot below which should explain it pretty good. (Also note that the “stake” in the LogBackBets tab should be your “liability” in the lay-bet).

Create a new tab “Lay-odds to Back-odds” (or anything you feel like) where you enter the text and formula shown in the insert in the screen shot.

Read more about lay betting here.

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