Note that the Windows software of Sure- and value betting has been discontinued. Use the platform independent web version of Sure betting and Value betting instead.

Benefits with the web version

  • Can be used on mobile, tablet or desktop
  • All major browsers are supported
  • Log your bets with one click with the BetTracker

If you’re already a subscriber, you can log in to the web versions via the website top menu. Use your existing log in details.

The information below this box is probably outdated, but kept for reference.

How do I remove cookies from the Betting Browser?

We’ve added an option to delete cookies and cache from the Betting Browser from the RebelBetting software.

How to remove regular cookies and clear cache

  1. Go to Options -> Application -> Support
  2. Click the buttons to clear cache and cookies

Clear cookies and Cache


Remove flash cookies

Delete flash cookies directly at Macromedia:
Just click “Delete all sites”, and your done!