RebelBetting 1.1 was just released, introducing a completely Free Mode. This means you can try arbitrage betting for as long as you want without paying anything!

The Free Mode will show arbs up to 0.6% and is otherwise identical to the Full version. There is no catch and no other limitations. This is a great opportunity for learning RebelBetting and practicing sports arbitrage when you start out! RebelBetting is the only service that offers free arbitrages at the moment.

We have also increased the Full Trial from 3 to 7 days for new users. We agree that three days is too little time to evaluate our software, especially if you’re new to sports arbitrage.

After a few weeks when you’re ready to make serious money you will want to subscribe to the Full version. Purchasing with Moneybookers will instantly unlock the Full Mode and all arbs will be displayed. You will notice that the subscription fee is easily covered by a few days of arbing.

We’re still offering the introduction price of €49 per month, which is half the regular price. Please note that this introduction price will expire a few weeks from now, so you might want to act fast to save your 50%.

Download RebelBetting now, and try out sports arbitrage for free!

Version 1.1 is an interim version while we’re busy adding support for Betfair. Stay tuned, and happy arbing!

14 August 2009

2 responses on “Try sports arbitrage for free

  1. Fredrik says:

    This program looks interesting, but even if it is much easier to place bets with a program like this than do it manually it it still some work.

    Why not automate the entire process?

    Let the program bet a specified amount on all the games that match the present parameters?

  2. Simon says:

    There are several problems you have to consider when trying to automate the betting process. A bot would be at the mercy of that bookie. If they decide to change even a tiny detail of their website interface, the bot could fail. Also, bookmakers makes errors more often than you think. The bot would need to have quite advanced artificial intelligence to detect all “false arbs”.

    A faulty bot could easily gamble away all your money while you’re asleep. 🙂 That’s why we decided to let the user make the final confirmations.

    That said, there are some interesting possibilities when it comes to sites like Betfair that has a programming API where the risks are manageable. Stay tuned!