Second chance Valentine’s offer

If you didn’t hook up on Valentine’s Day – don’t worry. You can now hook up with RebelBetting for only €99/month  and you will keep this price until you cancel or upgrade your subscription.

If you are looking for an extra income this is the perfect time to subscribe. This unique opportunity may never return – be quick to take advantage of the discount.

RebelBetting is probably the most ideal partner and will:

  • make you rich
  • spoil you (with thousands of arbs)
  • go all the way (the AutoSurf feature helps you place bets fast)
  • never leave you (unless you want to)

And there’s even more great news. A new version of RebelBetting is released – even more user friendly, with a quick start guide integrated in RebelBetting to make it easier to get started.

The sale starts now and is running between 16 February, 11:00 AM -19 February, 23:59 PM (CET). This offer is not available for customers who already have an active monthly subscription.


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