On the 19th of September, around 7 million eligible voters will decide the political coalition that will run Sweden the coming four year period.

But RebelBetting can already predict the winner with great accuracy.

We’re not using opinion polls or self appointed “experts”. We’re using the proven best method: letting the market decide. In this case, the sports betting markets and their odds experts.

Using real time updated odds from major international bookmakers, we present the likely winner and the probability down to the last decimal.


Check out the site www.VemVinnerValet.se (in Swedish only).

It’s already gotten national press coverage after only being live a few hours. Expect similar sites aimed at more international markets in the future.

Note that this is a concept site we built in two days to prove the things we can do with our live odds database. Work on our main product RebelBetting continues as usual.

By the way, we’ve already found a few high arbitrages on this market, there will likely be more!

We wish our politicians good luck in the coming elections! (Even though we all know luck has nothing to do with it).