RebelBetting 2.0 released

Version 2.0 of RebelBetting has just been released. Instead of just showing a list of arbs, we now present all odds from all bookies for that particular game. This is very valuable when you need to see next best arb, and will make it much easier to spot a possible palp/void (watch out for odds that differ a lot from the others).

Odds List in RebelBetting

(Click to show larger version)

We have now released two new versions within four weeks, and we’re not stopping. A new bookmaker (NordicBet) is already implemented and will be added in the coming days (after some testing). We also have a few major improvements coming up within the next weeks that I’m sure you’ll like!

Version 2.0 details

Every arb-row in RebelBetting is now expandable. By clicking on the “+” (next to the arb percentage) you’ll see the odds on every book for that match.

The best odds will be selected by default (depending on any specific filters you might have set).

Bookmakers you have disabled are shown, but in light grey.

The percentage for the arb (displayed to the right of the odds in the list, as well as in the “Arb Details panel”) will change if selecting other books in the list.

Sometimes, a higher odds on Betfair can result in a lower arb than a lower odds on another bookmaker. This is because of your commission percentage set under Options. In other words, the odds of a bet with Betfair will always be displayed as the actual odds. But the arb percentage will change depending on your commission at Betfair.