RebelBetting 3.0 has just been released

This might be the most significant release since the launch last year.

We have rebuilt the AutoSurf almost from scratch, and ripped out the slow and unreliable Internet Explorer that has been the “engine” of our betting browser. Mozilla Firefox is the new engine. This means dramatic improvements in speed and accuracy, and the AutoSurf will also be better maintained as we can respond faster to changes on bookmaker sites.

Download and subscribe.

Surf and bet faster with Firefox

AutoSurf Tips

  • Press F1-F3 to expand the browser for bet 1-3. Return the display to normal with F4.
  • Use the new Findbox in the lower right of every browser. You can use it to find a participant or any other text on the page quickly. Press it repeatedly to scroll through all matches.
  • If the AutoSurf fails for some reason, try clicking the participant name, or the event name, or the [A] button to retry from the beginning.


Article in the Guardian

RebelBetting was mentioned in an article in the UK newspaper The Guardian.