Bonus hunting improvements

A new version of RebelBetting is released making it easier to get bookmaker bonuses and filter out the arbs you’re interested in.

Quick filters

We have placed some of the more common filters directly in the main window toolbar. Changing the minimum arb percentage can now be done quickly.

You can also select one specific bookmaker to be required, which is very useful when hunting for bonuses. You can also change the minimum odds required. If you want to have multiple required bookmakers, you can make these changes in the options as before.

More filters

  • Hide arbs with two odds on the same bookmaker (does not apply to non-limiting books)
  • Hide arbs with three outcomes

Faster arb delivery

We have improved the way we send arbs and increased the compression.
This means:

  • Faster arb delivery
  • About half the bandwidth used
  • More arbs can now be sent!

To see a list of all updates in this release, please visit our changelog.

Number of arbs right now

By the way, right now RebelBetting is showing 1397 arbs. Or (as other arb services would display it) we have 16 423 arbs right now (with every possible bookmaker combination).

How is this possible? Well, when it says “Received x arbs” it actually says “Received x arb rows”. When expanding an arb row, you’ll see many more combinations of bookmakers that also produces arbs :)

The next version

We’ve already begun working on the next version of RebelBetting. Stay tuned!