Lightning fast Betfair odds

Betfair and RebelBetting recently partnered up to build the best sports arbitrage service for Betfair users.

Today we are very happy to finally release RebelBetting 5.0 with a complete Betfair integration! This means:

  • Lightning fast Betfair odds and arbs
  • Many more active Betfair arbs
  • One-click Betfair betting
  • Selected odds are refreshed every second
  • All other odds are refreshed every 15 seconds
  • And as you know, Betfair loves arbers and will never limit you!

Read more about how to get started using the Betfair integration.
In the unlikely event that you haven’t got a Betfair user, sign up here.

Save up to €645 on your next subscription

Celebrating the start of the World Cup and the launch of RebelBetting 5.0, we are now running a World Cup Summer Sale. Don’t miss this opportunity! It’s only available until Friday June 13.

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