Today we’ve released yet another version of RebelBetting (the fourth update this month), giving you two new bookmakers!


Betdaq is a betting exchange, similar to Betfair. It delivers a lot of new arb opportunities, and the best part with an exchange is you will never be limited.

It’s a must-have bookie. Sign up with Betdaq now!



rated A+ at Sports Book Review, BetJamaica is a very reliable bookmaker that can accept big bets.
They are owned by TheGreek but with their own odds. BetJamaica is a great bookmaker to have in your arsenal!

Sign up today and get a new account bonus of 20% up to $500 (only USD accounts).

Coming soon

The RebelBetting team is growing, and we welcome our new developer Peter!
This means we can focus even more on adding bookmakers, features, fixing bugs and bringing you more arbs.

We have a lot of new stuff coming up:

  • New bookmakers
  • More Cross Market combinations
  • Betfair and Pinnacle speed improvements
  • More filtering options
  • Behind the scenes performance updates

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