Bet On Aces now in RebelBetting

RebelBetting now supports the new sportsbook Bet On Aces, and for you, this means a lot more arb opportunities!  They offer competitive odds and a full range of sports. If you haven’t got an account with them yet, now is the time to sign up. 

Exclusive offer for RebelBetting customers

RebelBetting together with Bet On Aces now gives you an exclusive sign-up bonus plus two weeks of RebelBetting Pro for free (worth €78).

All you have to do is:

    1. Clear your browser cookiesThis is important! Failure to do so might result in you not getting the two free weeks of RebelBetting Pro.
    2. Join Bet On Aces here. Make a deposit and follow the bonus terms on their site.   
    3. Send us an email with:
  • your Bet On Aces account ID (for example “12345678” found under your account profile )
  • your RebelBetting username (No username yet? Create one by installing RebelBetting)

You will receive an email from us when we have added the two weeks of RebelBetting Pro to your account. Please note that it can take up to two business days for us to verify your account ID. 


27 September 2018