BETDAQ 2.5% commission until March 31!

Did you know that you can get a 50% discount (2.5% commission) on BETDAQ?! They are currently offering 2.5% commission on all new accounts until March 31 (standard is 5%).

By having a lower commission percentage, you will be able to bet on more arbs with BETDAQ, and you will profit more!

Open an account with BETDAQ and take advantage of this great offer.

Already have an account at BETDAQ? No problem! Just send them an email stating that you wish to get the lower commission, and they’ll most likely arrange it for you.


12bet ‘Auto Refresh’ tip

12bet Auto Refresh tip

It can be quite difficult to bet on 12bet before you get used to their site. One annoying thing is that they clear the betslip after 10 seconds or so.

A good tip is to tick their ‘Auto Refresh’ checkbox. The bet will now stay in your betslip!

Please note though – the odds of the bet will update automatically every 10 seconds. Make sure that the odds hasn’t changed before confirming your bets.




Coming soon: up to 70% more arbs!

  • Up to 70% more arbs due to new Cross Market combinations
  • RebelBetting translated to Japanese, German and Swedish
  • Three new bookmakers in development
  • And much more!