With Sure betting you can expect to make 10-20% profit each month. Here are a few tips that can help you reach your profit goal and boost your ROI even more.

Keep your money working

Place bets that will be settled within a day or earlier so you can reinvest your earnings again in another arb as soon as possible. Don’t bet on matches that are played several days ahead. RebelBetting has a convenient filter which you can customize to only display arbs that starts within a certain time period – it’s a good idea to use it.

Use your time wisely

Make sure you get the most out of your arbing hours. If you have a limited amount of time you should spend it in an optimum way. Usually, you’ll get more arbs closer to – and during the weekend. Also, take note when big events and leagues start. The arbing season is all year round, but some seasons are even more profitable than others depending on sports played.

Split your capital optimally

Make sure you have enough funds divided into your different bookmaker accounts. You don’t want to spend unnecessary time to rearrange your money and balance your accounts. Remember – time is money.  A good tip is to read the Ultimate Guide to Sure Betting. It will teach you everything you need to know about bankroll management.

Bet on middles

A middle is a potentially very profitable situation in Sports Arbitrage. A middle is an arb where if a match ends with a certain result, you can either win one bet and get the other bet refunded or win both your bets.  Make sure you bet on middles when they occur!

Maximize your profit with the Arb calculator

If you want to maximize the profit from an arb you can tick in the ‘Max’ box on the right side of the arb calculator in RebelBetting. By doing so you can choose to maximize the return on one outcome. Note that this means that the other outcome gives less or zero return. This is a clever way to maximize your profit if the odds are in your favour.

Minimize fees and extra costs

Often bookmakers charge a fee if you deposit and withdraw with a credit card. To avoid the transaction fee you can use an e-wallet, like Skrill instead.  Another cost to avoid is the cost of currency exchanges. If you have every bookmaker account in the same currency, you’ll minimize the unnecessary costs of currency exchanges.